University work and collaborative projects.

Comprehensive and informal documentation of all projects, development, and inspiration can be found on my Instagram.


'Fabric of Time'

Final year project
September 2020 - May 2021

A hypothetical project, Fabric of Time centred around the adaptive-reuse of James’ Mill in Norwich, England– an Industrial Revolution era textile mill of 1839– from Covid-abandoned, utilitarian office spaces into 25 artists’ studio apartments. A partial resurrection of 1970’s New York Soho district artist-in-residence lofts, the individual spaces are fitted with kinetic, modular storage and furnishing systems reminiscent of the ever-moving machinery that would have occupied the building in its original context. Inhabitants will be able to work, create, and live in a single space, ensuring the continuation of the building’s lifespan and nurturing the city’s creative scene.



Freelance project
March 2020 - Summer 2021

A highly unique project in the UK, but a rather common sight across the Atlantic, I was approached to aid in the conversion of a classic yellow American School Bus. The project involved converting the 333 square feet interior of this 40 foot long imported vehicle from upstate New York into a tiny home on wheels. After working closely with the owner in the initial concept and planning stages during the first Covid lockdown, the project has blossomed and become a reality, and is expected to be up and running in Autumn 2021.